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Schoology Integration Manual

Before You Start

These directions are to use Revision Assistant within Schoology LMS. You must sign-in to your Schoology account each time before adding and/or using Revision Assistant. 


Depending on your account, you will probably have to add Revision Assistant as a Tool Provider before adding it as an External Tool. 

Revision Assistant  functions as an “External Tool” within Schoology. This means that you will have to add Revision Assistant as an External Tool Provider from the course page before you can make and assign prompts. You can add an External Tool Provider by following the Schoology directions below:​​


Quick Start Guide

If you’re familiar with adding External Tool Providers in Schoology then all the important stuff is listed below:

  • Tool Name—Revision Assistant

  • Consumer Key— to be shared by your institution 

  • Shared Secret— to be shared by your institution 

  • Privacy— “Send Name and Email / Username of user who launches the tool”.

  • Configuration Type—Manual

  • Match By—URL

  • Domain/URL—

  • Custom Parameters—leave blank


Setting Up LTI External Tool Providers in Schoology

To set up External Tools in Schoology, first add the tool provider. The Schoology System Admin can install the tool provider at the course or the district level. However, if you have a free account or if your system admin does not plan to configure the External Tool at the system level, the Course Admin will need to install the LTI Integration at the course level.


If your System Admin has not configured the External Tool at the System Level, follow these steps first.


  1. Select your Course from the Courses dropdown

  2. Click Course Options below the course profile photo

  3. Select External Tool Providers

  4. Click Add External Tool Provider


  1. Fill out the necessary information in the pop-up window:




  • Tool Provider: Revision Assistant

  • Consumer Key: to be shared by your institution 

  • Shared Secret: to be shared by your institution 

  • Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username

  • Configuration Type: Manual

  • Match By: URL

  • Domain URL:

  • Custom Parameters—leave blank


  1. Click Submit.


You are finished adding the tool provider. To add Revision Assistant prompts to your course, please see [Assigning a Revision Assistant Prompt in Schoology].


Assigning a Revision Assistant Prompt in Schoology

Once you have Revision Assistant set up as an External Tool Provider, you can add Revision Assistant as a Tool and assign a Revision Assistant prompt.

To access the Revision Assistant from your Schoology course, add Revision Assistant  as an External Tool to your course by following the Schoology directions below:


From the courses page


  1. Click Add Materials


  1. Select Add File/Link/External Tool


  1. Select External Tool



  1. Enter the required information in the External Tool popout window.




  • Tool Provider: using the dropdown menu, select what you named the Revision Assistant External Tool Provider

  • URL: If RA was added correctly as a Tool Provider, this section will auto-complete

  • Title: name of your assignment

  • Consumer Key & Shared Secret: schoology - both of these fields should be prepopulated from setting up Revision Assistant as an External Tool Provider

  • Custom Parameters: leave blank

  • Enable Grading: leave unchecked



  1. Click Submit


Your newly created tool will now be located on your course page.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.07.14 PM.png


  1. From your courses page, click your newly created tool. This will launch  Revision Assistant in your Schoology screen. Now you can explore the library and assign a prompt.



  1. After creating and assigning a prompt, Revision Assistant and Schoology will automatically let your students know and populate their account.

For more information on how to create and assign prompts in Revision Assistant, visit the Create an Assignment page in the Revision Assistant LMS Help Center


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