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7th Grade Argument Prompts

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7th Grade Argument Prompts 


Prompt 1 

You have read [two or more pieces] about [a topic].


Analyze instances in which the texts emphasize different information about [the topic]. Write an essay in which determine which author makes the best argument. Evaluate the arguments and claims. Assess whether the reasoning each author uses is sound. Finally, explain which author you think presents the most persuasive evidence to support the arguments or claims. Use evidence from the articles to support your argument.



Prompt 2 

You have read primary and secondary source texts on [historical topic].


Write an essay in which you summarize the claims of each text. Then consider what the major differences are in the way these articles present this event. Which author presents the strongest argument? Make an argument to persuade readers to agree with your answer by supporting your ideas with evidence and quotes from the texts.



Prompt 3 

You have read [two or more pieces] about [a topic].


Analyze the arguments and claims each author makes and write an essay evaluating these claims and whether the claims are reasonable and supported with valid evidence. Explain which author presents the most convincing argument about [topic]. Use evidence from the texts in your essay.

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