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Collegiate BYOC - Informative Prompts

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Collegiate Level Informative Prompts 


Prompt 1 


You have read title of short story, novel, or play.


Write an essay analyzing how the author of the short story, novel, or play develops and contrasts the point(s) of view of the character(s) and how the character(s) help(s) develop the theme(s)theme of the short story, novel, or play. Use evidence from the short story, novel, or play to support your analysis.



Prompt 2

You have read two or more articles or excerpts from book(s) about a specific topic.


Write an essay in which you analyze how each article or excerpt from book(s) emphasizes a different individual, event, or idea about the specific topic and explain how these individuals, events, or ideas about the selected topic are connected and how they have influenced each other. Use evidence from thearticles or excerpts from book(s)to support your analysis.

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