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Turnitin Academy

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Welcome to Turnitin Academy

Online training for new and existing Turnitin instructors


Turnitin Academy aims to provide teachers, lecturers, and other teaching staff the knowledge and skills to start using Turnitin products.    


This training has been segmented into ten bespoke online e-learning modules, each covering a different Turnitin feature. This will allow you to visit or revisit each module anytime and anywhere.


Whilst the modules will only take approximately 60 minutes to complete, we ask that you take advantage of the full training course, by completing some or all of the post-module activities, found at the end of each module.


We encourage you to complete the modules in their numbered order; however, not all modules are relevant to all users. Instructors accessing Turnitin via a Learning Management System (LMS) do not need to complete modules M2, M3, and M4.


At the start of each module, you will be prompted to input your email address. We can use this to provide you with confirmation that you've completed the training, as well as provide actions that you have decided to take at the end of the modules.


Select module 1 to begin.


1     An introduction to Turnitin

2     Logging in and creating an               account

3     Creating a class

4     Enrolling students

5     Creating an assignment

6     Submitting a paper

7     Navigating the document                   viewer

8     Understanding the Similarity           Report

9     Using feedback tools

10   Next steps...

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