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Create a Grader

The Grader creation process consists of:

Uploading training data: After compiling your data set, upload the .csv and start data evaluation

Evaluating training data: Receive validators describing the usability of your data set and make recommended changes

Requesting grader creation: Request grader creation once your data set meets prescribed standards 

Grader API documentation: Access additional documentation regarding your created grader's API implementation 

Building Better Training Data

Save yourself some time and headache by reviewing Preparing a Sample Training File. This will help ensure your data is in the best shape possible to create a grader. Better data sets equal better graders. 


Uploading Training Data


  • You will be prompted to upload your training data upon your first log in. 

Click Start Evaluating Data. 



  • Name your data set and click Browse to locate the desired file*. 

Note: the file format must be '.csv'. 

  • Click Upload to complete the process and upload your data set. 




Scoring Engine will confirm the upload and notify you via email when your data is ready for evaluation. Check your email and possibly any spam filters for an email from


Evaluate Training Data

TSE provides two levels of validation to ensure the best possible graders are created for your assessment. 

Data Set validators help confirm your training data set is acceptable to create a grader. 

Grader validators gauges the accuracy of your grader. 


Visit the Understanding Validators page for more information.


Request Grader Creation


  • Once your data set and grader validators are acceptable, click Create Grader.



  • You will receive confirmation of your grader creation request and an email* with further instructions on grader use and implementation. 

*Be sure to check your email account for a message from



Additional Grader Documentation 

For API Grader documentation






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