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First Steps

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First Steps with the Turnitin Scoring Engine

Your Content. Our Machine Learning. Deep Student-Oriented Writing Experiences.


Turnitin Scoring Engine makes it possible to score student essays automatically while staying committed to your institution’s custom content, rubric, and grading style. Evaluate student work on the assessments and content already vetted by your faculty automatically with our advanced machine learning algorithms. Apply the technology to standalone assessments, like screenings for course placement, and interim writing assessments embedded in the curriculum throughout the school year.


Take these steps to get started with the Turnitin Scoring Engine.


  1. Introduce your Content Team. Who will be your point person on the writing assignments and scoring of student essays with Turnitin Scoring Engine?
  2. Introduce us to your writing context. Let us know what types of essays will be assessed, how many distinct writing prompts are being assigned, and how many students pass through each assessment in an average school year. We may have follow-up questions, asking how much time students are given to write, digging in for details on your scoring rubrics.
  3. Introduce your Technology Team. If you are incorporating our technology into an online learning environment, who will be responsible for implementation?
  4. Introduce us to your data security needs. We need to know that your students’ typed text can be uploaded online, without violating best practices in the secure transfer of student personally identifiable information. What is the minimum amount of private data about students that your institution needs to transfer to us in order for us to do our jobs well?
  5. Name a Training Set Collection Lead. The Turnitin Scoring Engine needs to learn to assess writing like your instructors, so we need hundreds of examples of student responses to each new writing task. Someone in your organization must be named as the administrator to act as the point of contact for that effort.
  6. Collect authentic student essays with scores. With rare exceptions, we require at least 300 -- and preferably 500 -- graded student essays for each prompt we score. These essays should span the full range of student writing ability in your institution. If scores are not readily available, Turnitin can act as a liaison with a preferred scoring vendor, but the essays and writing tasks should come from your student body.


From this point forward, we’ll know who to work with at your school. That line of communication is the most important part of a successful deployment.



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