Creating an assignment in Feedback Studio using Blackboard LTI 1.3

The process for creating an assignment in Blackboard differs depending on whether your course is an Ultra View or an Original View course. Use the tabs below to locate the guidance that best fits your workflow. 

Ultra View Original View
  1. From the Courses page in Blackboard, select the name of the course you'd like to create an assignment for.
  2. Under Course Content, select the + sign.
  3. From the dropdown that appears, select Content Market.Blackboard_Ultra_CourseContent.png
  4. Select your Turnitin tool.

The Turnitin tool is named by your account administrator upon creation. Ask your administrator if you are unsure what the Turnitin tool for your account is called.

  • Next, fill out the Turnitin assignment settings to complete the assignment setup.LTI13_CreateAssignment.png

For more information about assignment settings, see the assignment settings and additional assignment settings guidance.

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