Editing an assignment in Feedback Studio using Blackboard LTI 1.3

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Some assignment settings can only be edited in Turnitin, while other assignment settings can only be edited in Blackboard. To get an idea of which settings can be changed where, view the reference table at the bottom of this guide.

Editing the Turnitin assignment settings

To edit the Turnitin assignment settings:

  1. Select the assignment you would like to edit to launch into the assignment inbox.
  2. Select the gear icon at the top right of the assignment inbox.LTI13_AssignmentInboxTop.png

Editing the Blackboard assignment settings

Depending on whether your Blackboard course set up as an Ultra View or an Original View course, there are two different places to edit the assignment settings.

Ultra View Original View
  1. Under the Course Content section for your course, select the three-dots menu on the right side of the assignment and select Edit.Blackboard_Ultra_CourseContent2.png
  2. Make your changes to the assignment and select Submit.

For more information about assignment settings, see the assignment settings and additional assignment settings guidance.

Where to change each assignment setting

Field Turnitin Settings Blackboard Settings
Max Grade
Start Date
Due Date
Feedback Release Date
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