Migrating from Canvas Legacy to Canvas Plagiarism Framework

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  1. Initial steps
  2. Multiple integrations

Initial steps

To help with a smooth transition path between the Canvas legacy integration and the Plagiarism Framework, we'd recommend removing the Turnitin account ID from your Canvas settings.

Removing the Turnitin account ID from the configuration page will switch the integration into a non-functional state, where instructors on your account will be no longer able to create any new assignments.

This will remove the check-box for users when they try to create a future assignment. It will also make the Similarity Report scores unclickable for past assignments.

To remove the account ID, as a Canvas admin, go to settings, then on the settings tab, scroll down until you see Turnitin settings. Remove the account ID from this screen and select the Update Settings button at the bottom of the page.


If access to the Legacy integration is later required to review Similarity Reports, administrators can use their test or beta environment. Enter the ID again to reactivate the integration.

Multiple integrations

Keeping both integrations active concurrently can lead to various unintended issues. If an assignment has both integrations active, it is entirely possible to enable both for a single assignment. This isn't desirable as it can lead to duplication of reports and students in the Turnitin database. Additionally, for course copied assignments, they will not automatically be enabled with the Canvas Plagiarism Framework integration.

Legacy integrated assignments are still Canvas assignments once the legacy integration is turned off. When the course copy occurs, for those assignments that an instructor wants to use with Turnitin, the plagiarism framework needs to be enabled. Once this is done, any future copying of these assignments will use the Plagiarism Framework.

Instructors and instructional designers will need to enable the option for each of their assignments.

Some institutions use custom CSS to hide the option in the assignment set-up screen. This is not recommended. Hiding the option in this way, can potentially cause the legacy integration to be enabled for an assignment when using course copy without the Instructor knowing.

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