Assignment Template Formatting Tips

Assignment Formatting Tips

When making your assignment template for handwritten assignments, there are a few things that we recommend you do to optimize the AI-assisted roster-matching and answer grouping process. Additionally, these tips will help make assigning and grading submissions as smooth as possible.

1. Upload an entirely blank assignment template.
Please do not use a filled-in answer key as your template. The template is used as a negative to extract student ink from their submissions.

2. Make sure your template is identical to the one you distribute to students.
If you upload a version of the assignment that is different than what you distributed to your students, Paper to Digital will not be able to parse what your students wrote. If you find suggested answer groups that are completely unhelpful, it is likely that your template differs from the student submissions.

3. Leave some space between your questions, so that the regions don’t overlap.
If student handwriting from the previous question makes its way to the answer region for the following question, this may throw off answer grouping.

Sample Assignment Template

The following is an example of how to format an assignment template for handwritten assignments. 

Add a little bit of body text (2).png

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