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Region Formatting Tips

In the Questions step, you'll be digitally adding the regions or areas of the assignment where the student name, questions, and student responses will appear so that they can be detected by paper to digital's technology. This step of digitizing the assignment assists with the assigning and grading process later on.

What are Regions in the Questions step?

A region is where you define an area on the assignment template for P2D to look for student identification information as well as the questions and student responses. These specified areas allow Turnitin to assist with automatically matching submissions to students and to detect questions for grading. For example, as you're grading a question and the students responses from their submissions, the document viewer will automatically zoom to the regions you designated in the Questions step. The Regions can be drawn directly on the assignment or added from the Questions Editor side panel. It’s generally helpful to create regions that are slightly larger than the actual area you expect students to use.

Name Region and ID Region

The name and ID region are for specifying where students write in their name and ID on the assignment (the same as it is recorded in the course roster). Creating either a name region is necessary for the Manage Submissions step and assigning names to submissions. While having both regions is optional, providing both a name and ID region can help increase the number of students that are automatically matched to submissions. For fixed-length assignments, you need to specify the name and ID regions for students to write in their names and student IDs.


1. Whenever possible, include both a student name region and student ID region on the assignment as two separate fields, horizontally positioned.
Don’t vertically position these regions, i.e. place the name region on top of the ID region or vice versa.


Recommended Name and ID Region sizes:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.26.01 PM.png

Not recommended Name and ID Region sizes:

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 1.49.10 PM.png

2. Students’ names and IDs should be handwritten (not typed) and exactly match the names and IDs as they are recorded in the course roster.
The student ID is optional to include. If you want to include the student ID, check your course roster and make sure that each student has a student ID.

3. Just create one region area to include the whole name and another region area to include the whole ID.
Don’t create a region for every single character of the student’s name or every single number of the student's ID.

4. For the name region, don’t create separate lines for a student’s first name and last name.
Have students write their name on the assignment as it is recorded in the course roster. This will optimize the Manage Submissions step where submissions can be automatically assigned to students.

Question Regions 

The question regions are for specifying each question and student response area on the assignment.  You can create new questions and subquestions by clicking and dragging on the PDF or adding them from the Questions Editor side panel.


1. Position each question region so that it does not overlap with the question before it or after it. 

2. Include both the text of the question and the desired answer area in the region.

3. Try to use just one answer region or area per question.
Increasing the number of answer areas (lines or boxes where students write their answers) can result in many permutations of answer groups. This makes reviewing these groups more difficult. It is usually better to separate complex questions out into subquestions on the outline instead.

4. Make the question regions slightly larger than the actual area you expect students to use. 
This ensures that Turnitin's AI can accurately detect all of a student's handwriting. For example, a letter “g” that partially falls below the region area will be read by our AI as the letter “a”. See the screenshots below for an example of recommended region sizing.

Recommended Question Region size:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.26.17 PM.png

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