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Submitting to a Feedback Studio assignment using LTI 1.3

The following information will help you submit your assignment to Turnitin through your Learning Management System.

  1. From the Turnitin Assignment Dashboard, select the Upload Submission button to make a submission to the assignment.

If the Upload Submission button is unavailable, you may be attempting to submit before the start date or after the due date. Select the assignment name at the top to check your assignment's key dates and any additional settings that may be affecting your submission.

  1. Select the upload method from the tabs at the top of the Submit File modal.

There are three ways to submit a file, as outlined below. 

Upload submission

  • Enter a Submission Title in the field provided.
  • You can either select the Choose File button to upload the file, or you may drag the file you'd like to submit onto the boxed area of the dialog.

We advise checking that the file type you'd like to submit will be accepted.

Only a single file may be submitted to a Turnitin assignment. Any second or subsequent submission will overwrite the original submission in this assignment. Contact your instructor if there is more than one file that must be submitted to complete the directions given by your instructor; additional assignments may be created or you may need to combine multiple documents into a single file of an acceptable file type to be uploaded into Turnitin.

  • Proceed to step 4 below.

Text input

  • Enter a Submission Title into the field provided.
  • Type or paste the text of the submission into the Submission Text field.
  • Proceed to step 4 below.

Cloud submission

  • Select the Cloud Submission dropdown menu and select Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  • In the window that appears, locate and select your file and allow it to process.
  • Proceed to step 4 below. 

When you have uploaded your file, continue the submission process as outlined below.

  1. Select the Upload and Review button to proceed to the review stage.
  2. Review your upload, and then select Submit to Turnitin, or choose Cancel Submission to make any changes.
  3. Please don't leave the submission process until you've seen the Submission Complete notice.
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