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Using the Assignment Dashboard in Feedback Studio with LTI 1.3

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The Turnitin Assignment Dashboard allows you to submit a paper to your assignment, then view feedback on the paper you have submitted.

Viewing your assignment information

To view your assignment information, follow these steps.

  1. From your LMS, select the assignment name to navigate to your Assignment Dashboard.
  2. From within the Assignment Dashboard, select the assignment name to reveal a panel with more information.



This area displays the following information:

  • Instructions - Instructions provided by the instructor for the assignment.
  • Start Date - The date the assignment becomes available for submission.
  • Due Date - The date the assignment is due.
  • Feedback Release Date - The date and time you can view the feedback left by your instructor.
  • Max Points - The maximum amount of points possible to achieve for the assignment.
  • GradeMark rubric - A link to the rubric or grading form which the instructor will use to grade your assignment. If your instructor has not attached a rubric or grading form to the assignment, this area will be blank.
  • Additional Settings - Displays the optional settings for the assignment created by the instructor

Viewing your GradeMark rubric or grading form

Rubrics and grading forms can be used to evaluate your work based on instructor-defined criteria and scales.

If a rubric or grading form has been uploaded by your instructor, it will appear linked under the GradeMark rubric area.

If a rubric or grading form has been attached, you can find and view it by selecting the link in your assignment details:


The rubric or grading form reflects what your instructor is looking for with regards to the assignment. If one exists for your assignment, it is best to view it before completing the assignment.


To close the rubric or grading form, select the Close button at the bottom.

Elements of your Assignment Dashboard

Before you make a submission to your assignment, you will only see an empty space with a blue Upload Submission button. Once you submit to your assignment, you will see a view like the screenshot below.


  • Paper Title - Displays the title of the submitted paper.
  • Uploaded - Displays the time and date of submission.
  • Grade - Displays the assignment grade. Two dashes (--) indicate the grade is not available yet. Select this grade to open Feedback Studio where you can view your instructor's feedback.
  • Similarity - Displays the Similarity Score of the assignment. Select this score to open Turnitin Feedback Studio where you can view the Similarity Report.
  • Resubmit your paper - Select the upload icon LTI13_TFS_ResubmitIcon.png to resubmit your paper. This icon will be grayed out when resubmissions are not enabled and/or if the due date has passed and late submissions are not enabled.
  • Download an original copy - Select the download icon LTI13_TFS_DownloadIcon.png to download a PDF copy of your paper. This icon will be grayed out when a submission has not been made to the assignment.
  • Download a digital receipt - Select the paper icon LTI13_TFS_PaperIcon.png to download a digital receipt confirming your submission. This icon will be grayed out when a submission has not been made to the assignment.

Viewing your Similarity Report

The Similarity Report can be accessed from the Assignment Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your Assignment Dashboard after submitting an assignment.
  2. Select the Similarity Score from the Similarity column to open Turnitin Feedback Studio. The score sits alongside its corresponding color.

If you cannot open the Similarity Report, your instructor may have prevented students from viewing it.

For more information, view our Similarity Report guidance.

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