Creating an assignment in Feedback Studio using Canvas LTI 1.3

  1. Navigate to the course you would like to add the assignment to.
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis menu icon and select TurnitinCanvas_CreateAssignment.png
  3. Give the assignment a Title, Instructions, Max Grade and information about the Start, Due, and Feedback Release Date. If desired, check the box to Enable PeerMark.LTI13_CreateAssignment.png

Instructions can be up to 1,000 characters in length. If instructions are edited in Canvas after the initial assignment creation, any attached files will not be shown in the instructions when displayed in Turnitin.

  1. Select Optional Settings to fill out the assignment settings. For more information about assignment settings, see the assignment settings and additional assignment settings guidance.
  2. Select the Submit button to complete the assignment creation.
  3. Publish the assignment to your assignments list, so that it will be visible to your students.Canvas_PublishAssignment.jpeg
  4. The assignment can be launched from the Assignment tab in the course you created it in.

To prevent students from seeing their grades prior to the Feedback Release date, you must hide the grade book column. After the Feedback Release date has passed, you can show the column again to give student's their grades. You can hide the column by changing your Grade Posting Policy for the entry within Canvas.


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