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iThenticate v1 to 2.0 migration

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A new and enhanced iThenticate 2.0 experience

Welcome to our dedicated migration hub – your one-stop destination for seamlessly transitioning to the new and enhanced iThenticate 2.0. Here you will find migration timelines and stages, interactive guided tours, FAQs, and comprehensive instructions. 

For any migration-related questions, proceed to the discussion board where you can engage with our Product Team.

Addressing some of your immediate questions

What happens to a customer's v1 account once they migrate to iThenticate 2.0?

Once you have migrated to 2.0, your v1 account will be disabled and you will use 2.0 moving forward.

How do customers log into 2.0 after they have migrated?

During the migration process, you will name your subdomain to create a custom URL for your new login page. We highly recommend bookmarking that page for ease of use in the future. More information about the migration process can be found in this overview guide.

How long will customers have to migrate?

Once you receive a Migration Setup Account to schedule your migration, you will have 120 days to migrate from the date we create your Migration Setup Account. After this time, your account will be automatically migrated.

Migration process and timelines


Migration will be self-serve from within the product. We have developed a migration tooling that will automatically transfer key data from your v1 account to your 2.0 account. Migration timing will depend on the number of the submissions to be migrated. But the majority of customers will not have access to v1 for 24 hours whilst migration is taking place. 


During this stage, you will receive our email comms with an overview of the migration process and access to the Migration Setup Account to migrate your data. From the day your Migration Setup Account is created, you will have 4 months (120 days) to schedule the migration and transition at your own convenience. 

Please note that any submission data uploaded to your Migration Setup Account will not be retained upon your migration to 2.0.


This is when you will request and schedule the migration. To do that, you will need to log into your Migration Setup Account, find the Schedule migration screen under Settings, and select a migration date that best suits your institution. If you need to cancel or reschedule your migration, you may do so from the Migrate screen.

The migration tool will migrate the following:

  • Accounts
  • Users/User Groups
  • Submissions/Similarity Reports
  • Folders

Please note that you will not be able to access your iThenticate account during the migration, so your migration date should be accounted for accordingly.


After the migration process ends, you will receive an automated welcome email to your 2.0 tenant. This is when you will be able to benefit from the enhanced product experience to the fullest.

Advantages of transitioning to iThenticate 2.0

Rapid innovation to protect against emerging challenges: Constant innovation to address emerging challenges such as AI writing to ensure the originality of high stakes content.

Robust similarity checking: Automatically exclude preprints of articles and papers, citations and custom sections, eliminating the need for manual investigations and making similarity checking more robust. Save time by easily identifying hidden text and replaced characters via the Flags panel.

Improved collaboration: Share folders with users and user groups, increasing the effectiveness of teamwork when evaluating high stakes papers, grant proposals, admissions essays, and other submissions.

Modern and accessible design: An intuitive and streamlined user experience, and a modern and accessible interface, makes new iThenticate compliant with the latest global standards.

Take a guided tour of the upgraded product

Dive deeper into the upgraded features and functionalities of iThenticate 2.0 by taking a guided self-tour. Just click the link below to get started:

Show me iThenticate 2.0


Explore the resources below to simplify the transition process:

  • AI Writing detection for iThenticate datasheet (UK EN / US EN)
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