View grading and feedback in the iOS app

Accessing paper feedback

  1. Tap your class name from the Classes page.
  2. Select the correct assignment from the assignment's list. You will be directed to the submission inbox, where you can find all of your assignment details.
  3. Tap View Scores and Feedback to view your grade and any feedback provided by your instructor.
  4. View your grade in the top left-hand corner of the Turnitin Viewer, read your feedback summary, and listen to any voice comments from the bottom of the Turnitin Viewer.

Tap on any QuickMarks and bubble comments to view your feedback in more detail.

Rubrics and grading forms

Rubric scorecards can be used to evaluate student work, based on defined criteria and scales. Grading forms can be used to provide free-form feedback and scores to evaluate student work based on defined criteria.


If your instructor has used a rubric scorecard to grade your paper, you can view the criteria and scale that they have used to grade.

  1. From the Turnitin Viewer, tap View Rubric, which can be found alongside your grade.

  2. You can now view the criteria selected by your instructor.

Grading forms

If your instructor has used a grading form to grade your paper, you can view the score and comments they have given for each criterion in the grading form.

  1. From the Instructor Feedback page, tap Grading Form, which can be found alongside your grade.

  2. You can now view the grades provided for each criterion, alongside any comments your instructor may have left.

Voice comments

To play your instructor's voice comment, simply use the play and pause icons at the bottom of the Turnitin Viewer.

To listen, you may be required to allow the Feedback Studio for iOS app to access your microphone.


Reloading a submission

Should you encounter any issues with accessing or viewing feedback from your instructor, you can reload the submission from the server. This will remove the submission from your iOS app and re-download it from the Turnitin server.

  1. To reload an individual submission, long press (hold your finger down) on View Scores and Feedback on the assignment information page. 
  2. A prompt will ask whether you would like to reload or cancel. Tap Reload to reload the submission and try to access your feedback again.
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