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Account Information

Once you have successfully logged in, to update your account navigate to the Account Info tab located on the top of the iThenticate homepage.



Your Profile

Under the Account Info tab, you will be able to see the My Profile form. From here you can update your account information.



Updating your Profile

The form will auto-fill with your current details. To update any account information, you will need to enter your current password in the Current Password field at the top of the form.

Changing your Name

To change the name that is attributed to your account, enter the first and last name in the relevant fields. These fields are required, you cannot leave them blank.

Changing Your Email

To change your email address, enter your email into the E-Mail field. This is the email that will be used when we send you important account information, so please make sure it is valid. This field is required, you cannot leave it blank.

Adding a Photo to your Account

To add a photo to your account, select the Choose File button to open a file browser. Select the photo you want to attribute to your account from your device and select the image file you want to upload.

Changing your Password

To change your password first enter your current password in the Current Password field. Enter your new password and confirm it in the Change Password and Confirm Password fields.

Updating your Profile

Once you are happy with the changes you have made, and have ensured that all the required fields are filled, select Update Profile to update your account information.

Account Information

The Account Info section displays important information about the iThenticate account. This information contains the account name, the account ID, the user ID, and the date the iThenticate account expires.


URL Filters

The URL Filters tab will allow you to apply URL exclusion filters at the account level. Adding URLs to the exclusion list follows the same process as when adding filters to a folder.


To add a URL to the report filters, simply place it within the field and select Add URL.


Please make sure that you include a trailing / to your URL.


To remove a URL once it has been added to the report filters, click on the red x icon to the right of the URL.



Phrase Exclusions

The Phrase Exclusion tab will allow you to apply phrase exclusion filters at the account level. Adding phrases to the exclusion list follows the same process as when adding filters to a folder.


To add a phrase to the report filters, select the Add a new phrase.


Enter the phrase you would like to exclude in the Phrase text field.



Select Create to create a phrase and add it to the phrase exclusion list. You can add another phrase, or alternatively return to the list or to the account home page.


You will be able to see your added phrases here. To edit a phrase, select Edit. To remove a phrase, select Remove.



API Access IP Addresses

If you want access to the iThenticate API, you will need to contact your iThenticate account sales representative. If your account is enabled to allow API access, the API Access IP addresses option will appear within your Account Info page.



Within the IP addresses field, specify the IP address ranges that are allowed access to your account. You may enter the special address to allow access from any IP address. Addresses may be entered as a single address or in “CIDR” format (e.g. Multiple addresses may be entered by separating them with a space.


For more information on the technical reference specification for the iThenticate API, please see our iThenticate API guide.




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