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Getting Started

New Users


First-time users will receive an email from their iThenticate sales representative with a username and a one-time password. The username you receive will be the email address you provided to your iThenticate sales representative. You may only log in once with the one-time password and you will need to change it the first time you log in.


Logging In


Once iThenticate has been purchased and you have received an email from your iThenticate sales representative containing your username and password, then you can log in to iThenticate. To log in to iThenticate first click on the Login button at Insert the username and the password into the appropriate fields and click the Log In button.


1. To log in to iThenticate select the Login button at


2. Enter your email and password into the appropriate fields and select Log In.


3. Once logged in, the user will see the iThenticate homepage. 

Resetting Your Password

If the iThenticate user password is forgotten, the password can be reset via a secret question or e-mail. To reset a password via e-mail, the user information must contain a valid e-mail address. iThenticate cannot send a password reset information to any other e-mail address.


1. From the Login page click Forgot password



2. Enter your email address in the field provided



3. Click the Submit button. You'll receive a one-time temporary password to this account. You will change it the first time you login.

Changing Your Password or Username


1. Log in to iThenticate by entering the username and password for your iThenticate in the text boxes provided



2. Click on Account Info at the top of the iThenticate homepage


3.  In the Account Info page, the user must first enter their current password in the Current Password field


4. Now enter the new password for your account within the Change Password field


5. Reenter the password within the Confirm Password field to ensure that the password has been entered correctly



6. To save the changes to the password, click on the Update Profile button below the user information form or click Cancel to cancel the change to the password



Note: Once you click on the Update Profile button, your password will be changed and the new password will now be used to log in to iThenticate.

Changing Your Email


1. Log into iThenticate by entering your email and password for the iThenticate account and click Log In


2. Click on Account Info at the top of the iThenticate homepage

3. Delete the previous e-mail and enter the new e-mail into the E-Mail (Account ID) field


4. To save the changes, click on the Update Profile button below the user information form or click Cancel to cancel the changes made to the username

Main Navigation

After logging in, the iThenticate user will see the Folder page. The main navigation bar at the top of the screen has three to four tabs based on the user type. These different tabs are:


  • Folders - This page contains all the functionality of iThenticate, it is where folders are created, browsed and shared with other users, where documents are submitted within a folder to be checked against the iThenticate database for similarity, and where documents can be deleted or moved from one folder to another


  • Settings - The settings page controls general, document and report display options. These options range from the number of documents shown for each page, Default Report View, to controlling Email Notifications and much more
  • Account Info - The Account Information page contains the user profile and account usage


  • Manage Users - The Manage Users page lists all users that have access to your iThenticate account. This page is where new users can be added to an account and where activation emails can be sent or where users can be deleted or deactivated from an account. The Manage Users page is also where reporting groups are created, where usage statistics can be viewed, and where the document sharing options are located.  NoteThis tab only appears if the user is an Account Administrator.

The Toolbar


The toolbar changes functionality based on what the main content is displaying. For example the toolbar displays the Search, Trash, and Move functions when the user is browsing documents from within a folder. The toolbar is only functional when the user is within the Folders page.



The directory displays all created folders and the Trash. To enter folders, just click on the folder you would like to browse. Clicking on the Trash opens the Trash, displaying all deleted documents. To permanently delete items from the Trash, click within the check box to the left of the document title and click on the delete button on the Toolbar.

Content Tabs


The content tabs change depending on what the main content for each page is. For example the content tabs for a specific folder within a folder group are: Documents, Sharing, and Settings. Clicking on each tab opens up a new page displaying the information the tab contains.

Info/Action Column


The Info/Action Column contains easy access to iThenticate actions and information. The only pages that have action functionality are the Folders page and Manage Users page. For example in the Manage Users page the Info/Action Column contains the action Add New User and Upgrade Your Account information.


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