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Account Information

The account information can be updated, viewed or changed at any time within the Account Info page. This page contains the users profile, tracks the account usage which displays how many resubmissions, reports, and users are remaining within an account and also provide access to the account report filters and the API IP addressess. To access the Account Info page click on the Account Info link on the main navigation at the top of the iThenticate window.



The My Profile section of the Account Info page contains your iThenticate user information. Within this section the users name, email, and password can be changed. The user can also upload a picture for their account. To change your user name and email simply enter the new name or email in place of the former name or email and click on the Update Profile button below My Profile. Please view the Changing your password section of this manual to learn how to change your password.


The Account Info: section displays important information about the iThenticate account. This information contains the companies name, the Account ID, and the date the iThenticate account expires.



The Filters tab allows the user to control the URL Filters for an entire account. The Report Filters tab allows a user to manage a list of URLs that are filtered out of the matching content search when a report is being generated for all folders in an account. To add a URL to be filtered, click on the Filters tab.


When adding a URL, the URL may be as specific or general as you wish. Here are some examples:



To add a URL, simply place it within the Add URL field and click on the Add URL button to add that URL to the report filters.


To remove a URL once it has been added to the Report Filters, click on the red x icon to the right of the URL’s name.


API Access IP addresses


If you want access to the iThenticate API, you will need to contact your iThenticate account sales representative. If your account is enabled to allow API access, the API Access IP addresses option will appear within your Account Info page.


Within the IP addresses field, specify the IP address ranges that are allowed access to your account. You may enter the special address to allow access from any IP address. Addresses may be entered as a single address or in “CIDR” format (e.g. Multiple addresses may be entered by separating them with a space.

Phrase Exclusions


Phrase Exclusion can be applied at the account level. Adding phrases to the exclusion list follows the same process whether for an account or for a folder. To access the account phrase exclusion list first click on the Account Info tab and then click on the Phrase Exclusions Tab.


Once on the Exclusion list page follow the below steps to add phrases to the exclusion list:


1. Click on the Add an new phrase link


2. Enter the phrase to be added to the list within the Phrase text: field


3. Click the Create button to add the phrase to the list


4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each phrase added to the exclusion list


5. To go back to the exclusion list page click on the Back to list link


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