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Installation & Configuration

For information on using the Turnitin Building Block as an instructor or student, please view the Instructor or Student Blackboard integration user manuals.


Warning: The Turnitin Building Block must be installed by the Blackboard administrator


Warning: If your institution uses multiple deployments of Blackboard Basic, potentially over different servers, as a standard practice you should use a separate Turnitin Account ID for each deployment, you can do this by creating sub accounts for each server or instance you use. Click here for information on sub-accounts. Click here if you require any further information or guidance from our support team

To install the Building Block, follow these steps


1. Log into Blackboard as an administrator user


2. On the administrator home page, click on the System Admin tab




3. On the System Admin page, click the Building Blocks link in the Blackboard Building Blocks Management section



4. On the Manage Building Blocks page, click the Install Building Blocks button at the top of the page




5. Click Browse and locate the Turnitin Building Block 



6. Click submit to install the Building Block



The Turnitin Building Block will appear on the list of installed Building Blocks. Next,the administrator must make the Building Block available so that it can be configured.This is accomplished from the Manage Building Blocks page.

From the manage Building Blocks page, select Available using the status pull down menu next to the Turnitin Building Block. After the Building Block is set to available and has been configured, instructors on the account can begin using the Turnitin assignment type in their courses.


Note: If the Turnitin Building Block is removed from available status, access to all Turnitin assignments and features for all users of the Building Block on the Blackboard installation will be disabled until the Building Block is returned to Available status.


To configure the Building Block, follow these steps


1. Click the properties button next to the Turnitin Building Block.



2. On the configuration page, enter the following required information: the Turnitin account ID, and the shared secret key*



3. Use the drop-down list to pick the API URL that is relevant to your institution.  For the UK this is, else use



4. Enter the url your institution uses to access Blackboard in the Web Services URL field. If you use version 2.7.3 or later of the Blackboard Basic building block you will find that the description of this field references the actual database name. Versions prior to 2.7.3 reference a static blackboard database. 


http[s]://<URL to Blackboard>/webapps/turn-plgnhndl-BB313871SF785496/services/TiiBbWebService


For example:


In previous versions of the plugin the URL would reference a static Blackboard database


The url needs to be set to: http[s]://<URL to Blackboard>/webapps/turn-plgnhndl-bb_bb60/services/TiiBbWebService


For example:


5. (optional) To disable email notifications that are sent when students submit papers or create profiles on Turnitin through the Building Block, click the checkbox labelled Disable Turnitin Email Notifications.



6. (optional) To add a custom, text only disclaimer that will be shown when users submit papers to Turnitin assignments through Blackboard, enter the text of the disclaimer in the Optional Submission Disclaimer field.



7. (optional) To use a proxy server for connections to Turnitin, select Yes under Use Proxy and provide the proxy connection information.



8. Click submit to save the configuration.



* - Note: For information on how to set up your shared secret key please follow the steps on this page.

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