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Moodle Direct V2 Upgrade & Migration Information



  • Moodle Direct v2 is the latest version of the Moodle Direct integration for Turnitin. Thisplugin provides a more Moodle-like experience for delivering Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark and PeerMark services.
  • Plug-in is developed by iParadigms - released December 2013.
  • Allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark without having toleave the Moodle environment or log into Turnitin directly.
  • Also contains support for Moodle’s built-in plagiarism detection which allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark from within standard Moodle assignments, forums and workshops. This replaces the plugin built by Dan Marsden/Catalyst.
  • Moodle Direct v2 also contains a Class Migration Tool to allow the recreation of Turnitin classes within a Moodle environment.
  • The install method for users of Moodle Direct v1 is a parallel installation and not a direct upgrade.



The Moodle Direct v2 integration plug-in:

  • Supports Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark
  • Provides seamless integration with Turnitin and GradeMark using Moodle workflow
  • Uses an activity module for easy installation and configuration
  • Uses real information for Turnitin user accounts for instructors and students
  • Will run behind a firewall
  • Allows for multi-part assignments allowing for draft and revision submissions (one
  • assignment, many files)
  • Supports Moodle Groups and Groupings
  • Supports Moodle Grade Scales
  • Sends grades entered in GradeMark to the Moodle gradebook
  • Releases paper grades based on the Turnitin post date.
  • Allows for course recycle to copy forward Turnitin information
  • Allows instructors to submit work on behalf of students
  • Allows Turnitin classes to have multiple instructor access, allowing more than one instructor to gain access to the class and assignments in Turnitin's web interface.
  • Student data privacy is available (see notes later).

The Moodle Direct integration plug-in DOES NOT support:


Assignments created under the framed-in API (Moodle Basic)

  • Support Revision assignments
  • Support Master classes
  • Support GradeMark analytics
  • Support zip file upload

New Features / Improvements in Moodle Direct v2


  • Improved Submission Process
  • New ‘inbox’ combining previous summary and submission screens
  • Allows instructors access to the Peermark manager
  • Allows students to mark peer / student submissions
  • Class Migration Tool
  • Extra file types - from 1402, Turnitin will be able to accept any file type. Only constrainedby the file types accepted by Moodle.
  • Allows access to Turnitin’s Rubric Manager
  • Allows access to Turnitin’s Quickmark Manager
  • Allows quick submission from Google Drive, Dropbox​

Improved Submission Process


Submission is now via a lightbox, where files can be dragged and dropped into the file manager area.



Users are then provided with an extract of their submission and their paper id as proof that Turnitin have received their submission.



New Submission Inbox


The summary and submission screens have been removed and combined into one Submission Inbox.



The inbox has been separated by part, with each part navigable by tab. The part title, dates and marks available can be edited on screen without having to use a specific edit page.


The bulk download options are also available within the submission inbox



Instructors now have access to Rubric Manager and QuickMark manager windows from the assignment inbox.


*Highlighted above in red are the Rubric Manager and QuickMark access buttons.



The PeerMark manager and PeerMark reviews are accessible from the instructor assignment inbox. This has to be enabled via the administrator settings to be available.

*Highlighted above in red are the PeerMark access buttons.



If a student is logged in and a rubric is attached to the assignment they will be able to view the rubric from this inbox screen as well.

If there are any PeerMark assignments attached to a Turnitin assignment then the main details are also shown for these on the inbox screen.

Class Migration


A major new feature of Moodle Direct v2 is Class Migration. This feature allows you to query the classes and assignments stored on Turnitin and link them to Moodle. This approach facilitates the migration between web use of Turnitin and Moodle via showing the data stored on Turnitin for your account.

The solution provides two modes of use; bulk and individual. By default users will be shown all classes on which they are enrolled as instructors unless they are an administrator, in which case they will see all classes on this Turnitin account. They can search and filter the classes by title, end date and the platform/integration from where they were created. This is accessible via the administration area and a block which is included in the Moodle Direct v2 package that can be installed on a user’s home and/or course page.

Any assignments that are recreated will be of the “Turnitin Assignment 2” type irrespective of how they were created.

Note: This feature is not intended to be used heavily in migrating from v1 Moodle to v2 Moodle. The recommended way of implementing v2 is to run v2 in parallel with v1 continuing to access assignments created in v1 until they are complete. Although it is possible to use the migration tools to move small volumes of assignments between v1 and v2, by deleting the assignments in v1 and then using the migration tool to relink the assignments in Turnitin it would be a complicated procedure.

From the class migration screen, users can also edit the end date of a class. Bulk class migration allows a user to select a number of classes to recreate in their moodle environment. They can specify whether this will recreate all the assignments contained in the
class as well.


Note: if contemplating the use of the migration tool to help transfer from another LMS, such as Blackboard or a previous version of Moodle, you must test the process on a staging server first.

Student Data Privacy


It is possible to anonymise the student data sent to the Turnitin servers. If the student data privacy option is enabled* student names and email addresses will appear in Moodle as normal, however no student names or email addresses will be sent to Turnitin when this feature is enabled.

* Please note that student data privacy must be enabled as soon as the plugin has been installed (i.e. before any identifying information has already been sent to Turnitin)


Installation Paths


Note: The Moodle Direct v2 plugin can only be installed against Moodle v2.3+

Clean Moodle Direct v2 Installation Steps

  • Partner Integrations must be enabled within AMT (see your Turnitin Account Manager)
  • Follow the setup steps within Moodle Direct v2 Administrator Manual
  • Further technical / developer installation instructions are contained within the plugin zip download file.

Moodle Direct v1 to Moodle Direct v2


  • Moodle Direct v1 and Moodle Direct v2 installation can be run in parallel.
  • Follow the setup steps within Moodle Direct v2 Administrator Manual
  • Further technical / developer installation instructions are contained within the plugin zip download file.
  • At this stage there will be both a v1 and v2 install visible within the plugin configuration area. Both versions can be run in parallel. However v1 classes and assignments can not be viewed within the initial installation of v2.
  • If v1 class and assignments are required to be viewed in v2 then the Class Migration Tool can be used, but Turnitin recommends using this only for small volumes at a time.


Note: The recommended way of implementing v2 is to run v2 in parallel with v1 continuing to access assignments created in v1 until they are complete. Although it is possible to use the migration tools to move small volumes of assignments between v1 and v2, by deleting the assignments in v1 and then using the migration tool to re-link the assignments in Turnitin would be a complicated procedure.

Note: It is recommend to backup up any v1 data before carrying out this procedure.

Moodle Basic to Moodle Direct v2


Administrators are unable to directly upgrade to Moodle Direct v2 from Basic. This migration path places a Moodle Direct v2 integration along side with the Basic integration.


  • Moodle Basic and Moodle Direct v2 installation can be run in parallel.
    • Turnitin advise institutions to have each student use one version of the integration at a time, as Moodle Basic and Moodle Direct v2 will create separate Turnitin user accounts for each student. This could lead to inflating the student count for the institution within Turnitin.
  • Follow the setup steps within Moodle Direct v2 Administrator Manual
  • Further technical / developer installation instructions are contained within the plugin zipdownload file.
  • Users can migrate their classes and assignments from Moodle Basic to Moodle Direct v2 using the Class Migration Tool. Instructors will be able to see the submissions in Moodle Direct v2 but the data will not be able to be linked to current Moodle users. However, all users will still have access to their old data as long as they do not uninstall the Moodle Basic plug-in.

Moodle Dan Marsden to Moodle v2


  • Follow the setup steps within Moodle Direct v2 Administrator Manual
  • Further technical / developer installation instructions are contained within the plugin zip download file.
  • Users who migrating to Moodle Direct v2 will now have all of the PeerMark features that were not available within the Dan Marsden integration.


Warning: This migration path will replace the Turnitin integration provided by Catalyst - Dan Marsden, and you will not have a way to revert back to the Catalyst version you were using before. Therefore, Turnitin advise the Catalyst - Dan Marsden users to install and test this plug-in in a separate environment. The same database structure is being used so all previous data should still be accessible.

Any Moodle Version to LTI



As long as any previous Moodle plugin is left installed, then no data will be lost and will still be accessible if required.

Warning: If you wish to use LTI on multiple moodle installations then you need to be aware that each Moodle LTI installation needs to be linked to a single Turnitin account.

This is required due to the way that Moodle allocates GUIDs (context_id, resource_id, user_id) to external tool providers. Please contact should you have further questions.

Moodle Direct v2 Admin Settings


Settings are described within the Moodle Direct v2 Administrator Manual


Web Links to further information and guides

Moodle Manuals

General FAQ

1. Why doesn't the Moodle Direct v2 automatically migrate assignments created in Moodle Direct v1?

a. If assignments were automatically migrated then there would be no possibility of rolling back to Moodle Direct v1 if required. There are also a significant number of user interface changes in Moodle Direct v2 for which a parallel usage model for upgrading is more suitable.


2. How do I retain Turnitin data when migrating to a new version of Moodle?

a. Turnitin utilizes the Moodle user primary keys to associate Turnitin users, courses and assignments in Moodle. When migrating to a new version of Moodle, upgrading a Moodle server, or making any changes to the Moodle system which would result in deleting or changing existing user primary keys, you should backup your existing user primary keys for users, courses and assignments. This information is required by our support team to restore your previous data. Prior to upgrading your server, please contact Turnitin support.

3. Are they any changes to the setting in Moodle Direct v2?

a. The URL is different for this package to previous Turnitin plugins. It should be or instead of and
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