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Converting your Feedback Studio Moodle integration from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3

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Convert your LTI integration in Moodle

The registration process for LTI 1.3 in Moodle requires you to follow several steps in sequence. The steps require you to input information from Turnitin into Moodle, and then fill in several fields in Turnitin with information from Moodle.

  1. Log in to Moodle and from the administrator dashboard, navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > Manage Activities > External Tool > Manage External Tools. Then select the gear icon to open your existing LTI 1.1 integration.
  2. From the dropdown, change the LTI version and optionally the Tool Name, to LTI 1.3.Moodle_ToolSettings11.png
  3. Leaving your Moodle tab open, have the Turnitin admin login to (if you are a global institution) or (if you are part of a UK institution).
  4. Ensure that Administrator view is enabled from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. If Instructor or Student is selected, please change to Administrator.INT_TFS_SelectUser.png
  5. Locate the account that is associated with your LTI 1.1 integration and select the Configured button.
  6. Select the LTI 1.3 button to open the configuration page.
  7. Select the Get Started button to begin.INT_TFS_LTI13Setup.png
  8. Choose Moodle from the dropdown.
  9. Name your registration.
  10. The information that you will need to copy and paste into Moodle will auto-populate in the Turnitin Feedback Studio section. Please use the Copy button for the relevant field to guarantee it is copied correctly.
  11. Copy the Public keysetInitiate login URL, and Redirection URIs and paste them in the corresponding fields in Moodle.
  12. Scroll down and set the Tool Configuration usage to Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool.
  13. For the Default launch container choose Embed, without blocks.
  14. Check the Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message) checkbox.LTI13_SupportsDeepLinking.png

When using Moodle 3.9, this option will simply be a checkbox labeled Content-Item Message.

  1. Open Show More and paste this URL: so that the Turnitin icon will indicate a Turnitin assignment for users.LTI13_IconURL.png
  2. In the Services section, for IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services, choose Use this service for grade sync and column management. For IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning, choose Use this service to retrieve member's information as per privacy settings. For Tool Settings, choose Use this Service.LTI13_Services.png
  3. Expand the Privacy section and enable all options, switching them to Always.LTI13_Privacy.png
  4. Double check that all of the fields have been completed correctly. Then, use the Save Changes button to complete this stage of your registration.
  5. Your registration will now be shown in the External Tools section of the Site Administration settings. Now we need to transfer some settings from Moodle over to Turnitin to activate it in Turnitin.
  6. Select the menu icon for your new registration.
  7. Data about your registration will appear in a modal box on the screen. Just like copying the information from to Moodle, you will now need to copy this information directly from Moodle into the Turnitin tab you should still have open. Fill in the following fields in Turnitin: Platform IDClient IDPublic Keyset URLAccess Token URL, and Authentication Request URL.
  8. Double-check that all of your settings look correct, and then use the Save button to complete your registration. If everything is successful, you'll see a note saying you're 'Nearly there'. The final step is creating a dummy assignment in Moodle to initialize the integration.

The LTI configuration light won't show as activated on the Integration Configuration screen when you have completed the configuration. However, when you click into the Configuration Dashboard, the LTI 1.3 option will be lit green there.

Create a dummy assignment

Please note that you cannot have multiple Moodle environments connected to a single Turnitin account.

  1. Navigate to the course you would like to add Turnitin to.
  2. Turn editing on and select the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. Select the Turnitin activity.
  4. Choose Select Content. By choosing this, deep linking is enabled for the assignment
  5. In the new window, there will be an option to connect your account to Turnitin. Choose Global if you are using Turnitin via, choose UK if you are using Turnitin via
  6. Enter the email address and password used for the Turnitin account you used to create the registration. We need this to initially authenticate the registration as genuine.INT_TFS_Login.png
  7. Select the same account you used for your LTI 1.1 integration. Use the Next button to continue.
  8. Review the content on the confirmation screen. If everything looks correct, select the Confirm and Complete button to finish your setup.
  9. Close the modal box.
  10. To confirm that Turnitin is working correctly, select Select Content again.Moodle_AddExternalTool.png
  11. If successful, the LTI assignment will load. Fill out the required information, then select Submit.
  12. The assignment name is sent to Moodle from Turnitin. Click Save and return to course.Moodle_General.png
  13. You can delete this test assignment if you like.
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