Turnitin Feedback Studio & LTI 1.3 integrations

We’re committed to providing seamless experiences through our integrations, which is why we
encourage our customers to migrate to the LTI 1.3 standard for streamlined data exchange between
your LMS and Turnitin products. 


Seamlessly upgrading to LTI 1.3

LTI 1.3 was built with new features and security protocols to simplify upgrading and migrating your integration. To learn more about moving to LTI 1.3, please visit our upgrade resource pages:

Setting new standards for security between learning platforms

LTI 1.3 (also known as LTI Advantage) is one of the first standards to leverage the 1EdTech Security Framework, which ensures the robust protection for personally identifiable information that passes between applications, minimizing risk to students and institutions.

LTI 1.3 or LTI Advantage includes three additional services:

  • Names and Role Provisioning Services - provides assignment roster syncing as well as the ability for instructors to submit on behalf of a student.

  • Deep Linking - an easier approach to setting up a Turnitin assignment from within a course.

  • Assignment and Grade Services - offers a better-supported method of sharing student grades between Turnitin and an LMS.

Modernizing integrations to protect institutional standards

LTI 1.3 provides a singular access point and centralized workflow for all of your workstreams. It was designed to be more compatible with modern learning platforms and technologies.

What does LTI Advantage mean to you?

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Institutional benefits:

  • Modern security protocols
    • Supports OAuth 2.0 and JWT tokens to enable secure data transfer between LMS platforms.
  • Stronger ecosystem integration
    • Reutilize content, reducing the time and cost needed to integrate resources into a learning ecosystem.
  • An easy way to upgrade
    • We design specific tools and LMS guidance to simplify the adoption of LTI 1.3.

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Instructor benefits:

  • Streamlined workflows
    • Integrate multiple work streams from various apps and tools while offering new capabilities
      like simplified assignment creation.
  • Optimized grading and feedback
    • Automates grade passing, progress tracking and instructor comments between LMS
      gradebook and Turnitin.
  • Advanced rostering capabilities
    • Provides clearer visibility by sharing course roster, enrollment and usage information.

Securely integrating with major LMS platforms

The industry standard across platforms, compatible with all major LMS products.


LTI 1.3 is available on most LMS platforms. To learn more, please visit our Available LTI 1.3 integrations page.

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