Configuring Feedback Studio in Microsoft Teams

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This app is still in an early release state and is not yet available in the Microsoft Teams app store. At this time, the following setup process is required. Both the Microsoft Teams and the Turnitin Feedback Studio administrators will need to be present to complete the setup process.

Add Turnitin to Microsoft Teams

  1. Log into Microsoft Teams as an administrator.
  2. Select the Apps icon from the left sidebar.
  3. Select Manage your apps from the bottom left.
  4. Select the option to Upload an app.
  5. Select Upload a custom app.
  6. Upload the zip file provided by Turnitin.
  7. Check that the Microsoft Teams environment supports the following required app permissions, which will allow the students in the Channel to be roster-synced with the Turnitin app.

Add Turnitin to a Microsoft Teams General channel

If the institution's Turnitin Feedback Studio is also being used with other integrations, then it is recommended that a Turnitin Feedback Studio sub-account is created for the setup of this integration. View our guidance on how to set up a sub-account.

  1. Select a Team.
  2. Under Channels, select General.
  3. Complete the process of adding the Turnitin tab.
  4. When first launching the app, the Turnitin Feedback Studio administrator will be prompted to enter their Turnitin email address and password to initiate the deployment process.
  5. Once logged in, a list of all associated accounts will appear. Select the relevant account that will be linked to this integration setup and use the Next button to continue.
  6. Review the content on the confirmation screen. If everything looks correct, select the Confirm and Complete button to finish your setup.

Once this is complete, the Turnitin app will be available for all instructors linked to the MS Teams environment. Please refer to our FAQ if a consortium/district setup is in place that requires access to Turnitin to be limited to certain schools/institutions.

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