Configuring Similarity with Microsoft Teams

Turnitin for Microsoft Teams is developed and supported by Microsoft. Look out for any releases by them for feature enhancements.

We support the latest and one previous version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

In this guide:

Set up in Turnitin

Create an API scope and key

You must create a separate scope and key for every integration you create. If you have various environments in your organization, such as a development or sandbox environment, create a Scope for each of them.

Give each scope a unique name to easily identify it at a later date i.e. 'University of Turnitin Sandbox'.

  1. From the administrator area, select the Integrations tab. In this area, you'll find all of the current integrations active on the account.
  2. To set up a new integration, select the Generate API Scope button in the top right.
  3. Name your integration and select Next.
  4. Name your API Key and select Create and View. Another modal will appear confirming the creation of your key.

Your API key is presented in the form of a ‘Secret’. This string of alphanumeric characters is unique to your institution. You will need this ‘Secret’ to finish setting up your integration in your LMS. You will not be able to access your ‘Secret’ again so please make a note of it now

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 10.35.20 AM.png

Managing existing setups

You can create multiple keys for your scope. To create more keys, select Create New Key to the right of your scope.

Once your scope has a key or keys, you can view them by selecting the arrow to the left of your scope.

You can change the status of your key using the switch.

If you turn the status of your key to ‘Off’, then you will no longer be able to set up an integration with this key. Any existing integrations using this key will no longer work while this key remains disabled.

Select the trash can to permanently delete a key.

Once you have deleted your key you cannot restore it. Any integrations you have set up using this key will no longer work.

Set up in Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to your Microsoft Teams admin center, and navigate to the  Assignments tab.
  2. Find the Integrations section.
  3. Toggle the Turnitin option to On.
  4. You'll now be able to add a Turnitin API Key and Turnitin API URL.
    • The Turnitin API Key was created in the previous step.
    • The Turnitin API URL is the URL that your account admin created with your Turnitin account representative. If you use Turnitin through our website too, this is the link you sign in with. This URL takes the format of https://[your institution] For example,

If you don't know the API URL for your organization, contact your Turnitin account representative.

If you copy this link directly from your browser's address bar, you only need the first part of the URL. Everything after can be discarded.

  1. Use the Save button to confirm your configuration. Instructors within your Teams will now be able to use Turnitin within their assignments. 

It can take up to 24 hours after using the Save button before you can begin to use the integration.

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