Configuring Feedback Studio in LTI 1.3

In this guide:

  1. Create your LTI 1.3 registration
  2. Create a dummy assignment

Create your LTI 1.3 integration

  1. If you are part of a global institution, log in into your Turnitin account via Alternatively, log in to if you are part of a UK institution.
  2. Ensure that Administrator view is enabled from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. If Instructor or Student is selected, please change to Administrator.
  3. The Unconfigured or Configured button will appear in the Integrations column on the administrator homepage.
    • If an integration has already been configured, select the Configured button and check that all integration details are correct.
    • If the integration has not been configured, select the Unconfigured button and continue to step 4.
  4. Select the LTI 1.3 button to open the configuration page.
  5. Select the Get Started button to open the configuration page.
    • If you already have a pre-existing registration, select the Create new registration button from the registration dashboard.
  6. If your LMS is not represented in the list, choose the Other option.
  7. Based on your selection, the page will automatically update with the data most relevant to you.
  8. Copy the data from Turnitin Feedback Studio section of this page to start the registration.

  9. Once saved in your LMS, you should be shown a series of data. This data then needs to be added to the Turnitin page.

    • The fields should be: Platform ID, Client ID, Public Keyset URL, Access Token URL, and the Authentication Request URL. Their names may be slightly differ based on the implementation of the LMS standard by your LMS.

  10. If you think everything looks good, use the Save button in Turnitin to complete the registration.
    If successful, you'll be shown a message that you are 'Nearly there...'. Proceed to create a dummy assignment in the next section.

Create a dummy assignment

  1. Start by creating an assignment in the way usually would in your LMS for an LTI assignment.
  2. There will be an option to connect your account to Turnitin. How this is displayed will differ depending on your LMS.
  3. Enter the email address and password used for the Turnitin account you used to create the registration. We need this to initially authenticate the registration as genuine.
  4. Select the relevant account for this registration using the radio buttons. Use the Next button to continue.
  5. Review the content on the confirmation screen. If everything looks correct, select the Confirm and Complete button to finish your setup.

Once you've linked your account and finished creating your assignment, you're done. The dummy assignment can be deleted now your registration has been initialized.

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