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Converting bubble comments to QuickMarks

For easy reuse in this assignment or other assignments, you can convert your bubble comment into a QuickMark.

  1. Select the bubble comment and select Convert to QuickMark in the bottom right-hand corner of the comment box.
    Convert to QuickMark_494x156.png
  2. A menu will appear within the bubble comment box. Here, you can give the QuickMark a title and assign it to a specific set.
    Bubble comment to QM_483x694.png
  3. Select the Submit button to convert your bubble comment to a QuickMark.
    • Your QuickMark title will now appear on the paper. 
    • If your QuickMark has a criterion assigned to it, the criterion icon will appear alongside the QuickMark title.
      New QM from bubble comment_321x79.png

To edit the description of the QuickMark, navigate to the QuickMark Manager and edit it from within the set you have just assigned.



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