Which Canvas integration type does your institution use?

This article will help you identify your integration type for Canvas and point you toward the correct guidance for your workflow.

  1. Locate your course in your LMS and select an assignment title. 
  2. Browse the options below to locate the view and that looks most similar to what you see. Below each image are links to associated guidance.

Canvas LTI 1.3


This view is characterized by a solid light gray background. The Turnitin logo is at the top left beside the text "Assignment Inbox".

If this is what you see, you are using Turnitin Feedback Studio with Canvas LTI 1.3.

Canvas Plagiarism Framework


This view is characterized by black text on a white background. There is a Related Items column on the right which allows you to access SpeedGrader or download submissions.

This Moodle view integrates with two versions of Turnitin. One integrates with our Feedback Studio product and the other integrates with our Originality, Similarity or SimCheck product. Ask your Turnitin administrator if you are not sure which product your institution uses. The workflows for these products are nearly identical, but assignment settings may vary.

If this is what you see, you are using Turnitin with Canvas Plagiarism Framework.


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