Generating a new Similarity Report for an existing submission

This option is only available in the Feedback Studio classic Similarity Report view.

You may need to generate a new Similarity Report if you make changes or exclusions, or if you believe something may have been added to our database since the submission’s last Similarity Report.

  1. To generate a new Similarity Report, select the red filter icon from the Similarity toolbar.
  2. Select the New Report button from the bottom of the Filters and Settings side panel.
  3. Choose Refresh to generate a new report and overwrite the previous report for that submission; select Cancel to go back.
    Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 6.34.26 PM.png

We encourage you to only generate a new report if you have reason to believe that something new has been added to the database, because the previous Similarity Report will be overwritten.

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