LMS course copy recommendations for Feedback Studio in D2L

Depending on your course setup, it may be easier to use our Assignment Copy tool workflow instead.

Turnitin supports the following course copy workflow for the D2L Brightspace LTI 1.3 integration. For additional questions, please refer to D2L's guidance to Import, export or copy course components.

  1. In the new class, go to the Course Admin screen.
  2. Under Site Resources choose Import / Export / Copy Components.
  3. Select the Search for offering button to choose the course that you would like to copy components from.
  4. Choose to Copy All Components or Select Components to select specific ones.

    There will be a status bar on the right which tracks the status of your course copy.

    D2L_CC_CopyCourseComponents.pngOnce this is done, select View Content to visit your new course.
  5. Select an assignment name to adjust the titles, due dates, etc. as needed.

    If the fields are grayed out, please make your edits from within D2L itself.

    You can also bulk edit dates as needed from within D2L by selecting the Bulk Edit button.


    Then, you can select a date field from any assignment to edit it.

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