Creating an assignment or activity in Originality, Similarity and SimCheck using Moodle Integrity Plugin

  1. Navigate to the Moodle course you would like to add an assignment to.
  2. At the top-right of the screen, toggle Edit mode on.
  3. Under the General section, select the + Add an activity or resource button.
  4. Select the Activities tab. Choose the Activity you would like to use with Turnitin. Depending on what your Moodle administrator has allowed, Turnitin can be enabled for assignments as well as the following Activity types:

Use the links above to view information about creating each type of activity.

In Forums, grading is expected to be done via Moodle therefore the option for using a Turnitin rubric for those assessments is not available. However, if there are settings here that you do not see, please contact your Moodle admin.

In Quizzes, Turnitin works only with Essay questions (at least 20 words).

  1. Under the General section, provide a name, description, instructions and additional files for your activity.
  2. Under the Availability section, set dates for the Allow submissions from and Due date settings. These dates act as the start and due dates for Turnitin.
  3. Under the Submission types section, you can set the accepted submission types and sizes for the assignment.

Even though Moodle allows for files greater than 100MB to be submitted, the limit for Turnitin is 100MB. As such, it is a best practice to limit the file size for Moodle assignments to 100MB or less in this area. View our guidance on file types and sizes for more information.

  1. Scroll down and expand the Turnitin Integrity plugin settings option.

Do you see Turnitin Plagiarism plugin settings here instead? If so, you can find relevant assignment settings in our sister article for Moodle Plagiarism Plugin users.

  1. The first setting Enable Turnitin may already be enabled depending on how your administrator has set up the integration. If you want to use Turnitin with the assignment, make sure this field is checked.

    There are several other options within the Turnitin Integrity plugin settings that you can customize for each assignment. The defaults are set by your administrator, but feel free to change any that you need to.


  • Exclude from Similarity Reports automatically excludes bibliographies and/or quotes from the Similarity Reports.
  • Submission indexing adds files automatically to your organization's private repository. This makes them available to be matched against in similarity reports by other people within your organization.
  • Generate Similarity Reports determines the time between an upload and when a similarity report will be generated.
    • Immediately: Similarity Reports will be generated immediately after the file has been submitted.
    • On due date: Similarity Reports will only be generated on the due date of the assignment.
    • Immediately and on due date: Similarity Reports will be generated immediately after the file has been submitted. They will be generated again on the due date of the assignment. This option can be used to check for collusion within a class.
  • Student access determines if students are able to see the Similarity Reports that are generated.
  • Process draft submissions allows Similarity Reports to be generated for each draft of a submission.
  1. Once you have filled everything out, select Save and return to course or Save and display. Your Turnitin assignment will appear in your assignment list.
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