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Viewing your Similarity Report with Canvas Plagiarism Framework

To view your Similarity Report after submitting to your Canvas assignment(s), follow these steps:

  1. From within Canvas, navigate to your assignment and select the assignment name.
  2. Depending on the view your institution is using, there are two different ways to view your Similarity Report.
    • If your view looks like the screenshot below:
      • Select the Submission Details link on the right. 
      • Then, select the Similarity Score indicator Canvas_CPF_SimilarityScoreIndicator2.pngto view the report in a new tab.
    • If your view looks like the screenshot below:
      • Select the Similarity Score indicator Canvas_CPF_SimilarityScoreIndicator.pngto open your Similarity Report.
  3. Regardless of which view you are using, you can also view the report from the Grades page on the left sidebar.
    • Locate the assignment in the list of graded assignments.
    • Select the Similarity Score indicator Canvas_GradebookSimIndicator.png to view the report in a new tab.

For more information, view our Similarity Report guidance.

If you can't open the Similarity Report, your instructor may have prevented students from viewing it.

If you're having trouble opening Turnitin Feedback Studio, check your pop-up blocker settings and create an exception.

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