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Using exclusions and filters

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Excluding small matches, quotes, and bibliographic materials can help you create a more focused Similarity Report. 

As a student, any exclusions you make to your Similarity Report are temporary, and will not reflect your official similarity score that your instructor sees. If you believe your instructor should make exclusions to officially adjust your score, contact them.

Excluding small matches

You can exclude sources that are less than a certain number of words or a certain percentage. For example, if the threshold is set at 3%, any 1% or 2% match would be removed from the current report mode's source list (Match Overview or All Sources).

Filtering small matches by 10 words will exclude all sources with a cumulative match word count that is less than 10 words. The lowest word count threshold that can be set is 8 words, which is the default setting.

  1. Click the red filter icon from the similarity toolbar.
  2. From the Filters and Settings side panel, use the radio and text boxes to make set the threshold by percentage or word count. 

Excluding quotes and bibliography

Quotes and bibliography items are widely reused and generally fail to demonstrate original writing. You may wish to exclude quotes, bibliographies, and items of a similar nature from influencing your similarity score.

  1. Select the red Filter icon from the similarity toolbar.
  2. From the Filters and Settings side panel, use the checkboxes to make bibliography and quote exclusions from the report.
    exclude bibliography checkbox
  3. Select the Apply Changes button to confirm your change. This will filter your chosen exclusions from the Similarity Report.
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