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LMS course copy recommendations for Feedback Studio in Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

While there are many ways to copy course content in Moodle, Turnitin recommends and supports the following workflow posted here.  You can import content from past courses into your new course.  You can find additional information about copying a course in Moodle's Import course data guidance.

  1. Select your new course.
  2. From the More dropdown, select Course reuse.
  3. Select the course from which you want to import content.
  4. Choose the content you wish to copy and then either select the Next button to select specific content in each section or select Jump to final step if you want all content from each section to be imported.
  5. Choose to Import the content. One it is complete, select Continue.
  6. While in Edit mode, adjust names and activity description as needed.
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