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View our known issues page for information about issues we are aware of with this integration.

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Which Turnitin products are currently supported for use with this integration?

At this time it is only possible for institutions using Turnitin Feedback Studio to access this integration. Support for institutions using Originality and Similarity is currently expected later this year.

What functionality is included with the integration?

This integration is currently only available for integrity checking purposes to use alongside the Ultra Assignment workflow. Options are being explored as to whether additional feedback capabilities could also be offered.

I'm experiencing some issues with setting up the new placement, what could be the reason?

Some institutions with older Turnitin Feedback Studio LTI 1.3 registrations may experience issues with the standard set-up process. If this is the case, please review our Blackboard Ultra configuration guidance.

Is it possible to limit integration access to only certain departments or courses?

Yes. It is possible to limit access using to individual nodes through an institutional hierarchy set-up within your Blackboard Learn environment. For more information on how to do this, view Blackboard's Institutional Hierarchy guidance.

Can Turnitin and SafeAssign be used simultaneously?

Similar to limiting the integration to certain departments/courses, it is possible to do the same with both Turnitin and SafeAssign. It’s not possible to enable both integrations on the same courses, however they can both be made available to use with different departments/courses, depending on the institutional hierarchy set-up.

How does the report view display to instructors?

Instructors will see the new Turnitin Similarity Report experience when launching into the report view. View our New Similarity Report guidance to learn more.

Can I use this integration alongside the existing LTI 1.3 external tool integration?

Yes. This integration provides an additional workflow option for instructors, enabling instructor choice depending on the type of assignment set-up required. Both integrations function separately and have different workflows, so an instructor must choose which integration they would like to use for their particular assignment.

It is worth noting that assignments will self match against one another. For example, if an instructor creates the same assignment in both integrations on the same course, with one as a draft and one as the final graded assignment, and students submit a similar document to each, these submissions will appear as matches in the report.

What planned features are not currently available?

  • Instructor level settings defaults - instructors will need to select their Turnitin settings at the creation of each new assignment.
  • Match visibility - currently student matches will always display as private content regardless of whether they are from the same institution or not.
  • Anonymity as a setting - currently all Turnitin reports are anonymous by default.
  • Document Details - although this feature is available in the report for institutions that have access to this feature, not all information is currently being captured for display.
  • Template exclusion
  • Translated Matching

Does the integration currently support collusion checking?

If an instructor selects an assignment due date, and chooses for submissions to either be made to the standard or institutional repository, then a collusion check will occur on the due date. This means that all existing reports will be rerun and updated if their similarity matches/score changes.

What do I need to do if I have a submission that needs to be deleted from Turnitin?

Currently it is only possible to delete a submission by providing Turnitin support with the Submission ID. The Submission ID can be located within the Submission Details area of the Turnitin report view.

We are working on an administrator paper lookup tool that will allow administrators the ability to locate and manage submissions themselves. This is something that is currently targeted for completion in 2024.

Is the integration available in all Turnitin-supported languages?

Although the workflow is currently available in all Turnitin-supported languages based on the browser, it is only possible to display the EULA in English. For this reason we do not yet officially support any languages other than English. We are currently working on an improved EULA workflow which will make the EULA available in all supported languages.

Is the integration available to use with other Blackboard Ultra Assessment types?

At this time only the Assignment workflow is supported, however there are plans to additionally offer support for Test Essay Questions and Discussions in the near future.

Are text-entry submissions supported?

The integration does support both file and text based submissions in Blackboard Ultra, however there is a known issue where <p> tags are displayed between paragraphs in the Turnitin report with text based submissions. This issue is being investigated.

My institution is not ready to begin using this integration. How can I disable it?

If you find this integration is available within the assignment setup for your instructors, you can switch off the availability of the placement using the steps below.

  1. In Blackboard, go into the Administrator Panel, find the Integrations section and select LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Locate your Turnitin tool and select the downward arrow to expand the context menu. Select the Manage Placements option.
  3. Locate the Turnitin Asset Processor item and select the downward arrow to expand the context menu. Select the Edit option.
  4. Next to Availability select No.
  5. To save your changes, select Submit at the bottom right of the screen.
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