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Reviewing your Handwritten Assignment submission

Accessing your submission

You’ll need to log in to your student account to view your submission.

  • If you’re accessing your assignment from an LMS, navigate to your assignment from the Assignment Inbox as usual.

Until your instructor has finished grading, you will see a message that your submission hasn’t been graded yet. Once your instructor publishes grades, the status changes from Ungraded to Graded, and you will be able to see the total score as well as the scores for each question.


Viewing your grades and feedback

Once your assignment is graded, you can review your grades and feedback for each question.

  • To filter what feedback you want to view for every question, you can choose from the following options:
    • Show answers with full points - View all questions where full points were applied to your answer.
    • Show answers with partial or no points - View all questions where partial or no points were applied to your answer.
    • Show answers with feedback - View all questions where a comment was left on your answer.

    In some cases, instructors may choose to hide some scoring criteria and it may not be visible.

  • You can change your submission view to either the Full Page view or Question Only view.
  • To view the grade for a specific question and any additional feedback left by the instructor, select the question name.
    • You will see criteria used for grading for the question and the specific scores applied to your submission will be highlighted.
    • If the instructor has left a comment for a question, there will be a comment icon next to the question name. Any point adjustments specific to your submission will be shown as well. 

Viewing the scoring criteria is a great way to get feedback about your work, and helps ensure that it was graded fairly.

Downloading your graded submission

Select Download to get a PDF of your graded submission and detailed markup.

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