Emailing students

Emailing an individual student

Select the Email address of any student to open a mail window in your default Email program.

Emailing all students

Select the e-mail all students link to compose and send an e-mail to all students in the class.

Emailing non-submitters

Email non-submitters gives you the ability to email students within a class that haven't already submitted. You can send a reminder email anytime during the submission process - including once the post date has passed to warn late submitters.

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Inbox for the class you would like to email.
  2. Select the Email Non-submitters link to the right of the Assignment Inbox.
  3. Enter a subject line and message for the email.
  4. Select the Include me checkbox if you'd like to also receive a copy of the email that your students will.
  5. Select the Send button to email your students.
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