Manage enrolled students

From the Students tab of your class, you can manage your student roster. You are able to:

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Removing students from a class

To remove a student from the class, select the trash can icon from the Drop column. Removing a student will remove their submissions from the assignments within the class.


You can re-enroll the student at any time and any of their submissions will return. 

Lock and unlock student access

You can control a student's access to a class using the lock icon in the student list. If a student is locked from a class, they are still enrolled but will not be able to access the class or the assignments within it. 

If a student is locked, the lock icon next to their name will be highlighted in red. 

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Resend the welcome email

If the enrollment date beside the student's name is highlighted in red, that means they have not yet logged in to Turnitin. To resend the student's welcome email that allows them to create their account:

  1. Select the red highlighted date.
  2. Ensure the student's details are correct. 
  3. Select Submit


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