Using the Assignment Inbox in Feedback Studio with Moodle Direct V2

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Using the Assignment Inbox

The Assignment Inbox contains any submissions that have been made by students or the instructor to the assignment.


The Assignment Inbox can be organized by any of the criteria listed - for example, clicking on the column heading name of author will sort the contents of the assignment box by author last name from A to Z. Clicking the column heading again will sort it again by the reverse of the criteria, from Z to A.

The column headings in the assignment inbox are:

  1. First Name / Last Name - A column containing the names of any enrolled students and the names given for any non-enrolled instructor uploaded papers in the assignment.
  2. Submission Title - The title given for any paper submitted. If there is no submission for a user, this field will list "not yet submitted". Selecting the title of a paper will open the paper in the Turnitin Feedback Studio viewer.
  3. Turnitin Paper ID - The unique numeric ID number assigned to every submission made to Turnitin. This column contains a dash if no submission was made. The paper ID is also provided to students or instructors when submitting by file upload or copy and paste as part of the digital receipt.
  4. Submitted - The date of a submission. Any dates shown in red indicate a late submission made after the due date and time of an assignment. The format is day-month-year. If no submission has been made, there is a dash in this column.
  5. Similarity - The Similarity column contains the Similarity Report icon. The icon contains a percentage indicating the overall text of the paper that matches to information in the Turnitin repositories: 100% being ‘a full text match’, 0% indicating ‘no text matches found’. The icon contains the percentage number and the corresponding color. If a grayed out icon appears, the report is not ready. A dash in the report column indicates no submission or that no Similarity Report was generated based on assignment settings.
  6. Grade - The grade column indicates the grade given to the submission in Feedback Studio. A blue pencil icon indicates that a paper is ready to be graded or has been graded. A gray pencil icon that no submission was made. 
  7. This column indicates whether a graded paper has been viewed by the student. If you hover over the student icon Moodle_V2_StudentIcon.png with your mouse, you can see the viewed date/time. If there is a dot, the feedback has not been viewed. The graded submission must have been opened by the student for a minimum of 30 seconds for its state to change.
  8. The upload icon Moodle_V2_UploadIcon.png allows the instructor to submit or resubmit on behalf of students.
  9. The download icon Moodle_V2_DownloadIcon.png allows the instructor to download the submission. For more information about bulk downloads, see our Downloading and exporting submissions in bulk article.
  10. The arrows in a circle icon Moodle_V2_RefreshIcon.png allows the instructor to refresh the submission.
  11. The trashcan icon Moodle_V2_TrashIcon.png allows the instructor to remove the submission from the inbox.

Accessing the Similarity Report

The Similarity Report can be accessed from the Assignment Inbox.

  1. Select the assignment name to view the Assignment Inbox.
  2. Select the Similarity Score indicator Moodle_V2_SimilarityScoreIndicator.png from the Similarity column to open Turnitin Feedback Studio. 
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