Adding a folder

You can easily identify folders  by their respective icon.

  1. Select  My Files from the sidebar.
  2. Select Add Folder.

  3. Enter a unique name for the folder. 

    You cannot create a folder with the same name as an already-existing folder on the same level.

  4. Select the Add button to create the folder.

Folder level submission storage

Depending on your organization's account settings, an instructor can choose whether submissions to their folder enter a repository or not. Submissions that are stored in Turnitin's repository or your organization's private repository are used for comparison against future submissions to highlight any similarities. 

If the account administrator has enabled this setting for instructors, you can ensure whether submissions do, or do not, enter the Turnitin repository by editing the toggle:

  • when creating a new folder
  • when editing an existing folder

The option will only appear if it has been enabled by your account administrator. 

When editing a folder, previous submissions will respect the indexing options chosen at the time they were submitted. If you require a file to be indexed, submit it again to Turnitin.


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