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This feature only available for Turnitin Originality licenses.

Doc-to-doc comparison allows you to upload one primary document to compare against a maximum of five comparison documents. Any files that you upload to doc-to-doc comparison will be not be indexed and will not be searchable against any future submissions.

Uploading to Doc-to-Doc Comparison

You can access doc-to-doc comparison in the My Files area. Once there, select dropdown next to the Upload button and then Doc-to-doc comparison.

The Similarity Report for the comparison will be placed in whichever folder that you are in when you select the upload.

To get started, select the main file that you would like to compare other files against.

For your main file, provide the author’s first and last name along with the document title. If you do not provide a title and authorship details, the filename of the uploaded document will be used for the title and the authorship details will remain blank.

If you would like to change this file, select the trash can to delete this file and select a new file.

You can choose up to five comparison documents to check against your primary document. These do not need to be given titles and authorship details. Each of the filenames must be unique.

If you would like to remove a file from the comparison before you upload, select the trash can next to the file.

To upload your files for comparison, select Upload.

Once your document has been uploaded and compared against the comparison documents, it will appear in your selected destination folder.

This upload will have ‘Doc-to-Doc’ beside the document title to signify that this is a comparison upload and has not been indexed. Select the filename to open the Similarity Report.

Document Viewer

The Similarity Report for the comparison will open in the viewer.

Only text of the main file will be visible. Any instances of Similarity will be highlighted.

Your comparison documents will appear in the sources panel to the right. This panel details the instances of matching text within the submitted documents.

By default, the doc-to-doc comparison will open the document viewer in the All Sources view. This view will list all the comparison documents you uploaded. Each comparison document has a percentage signifying the amount of content within them that is similar to the primary document. If a comparison document has no matching text with the primary document, it will be shown with a 0% next to it.

File requirements

  • Total upload size must not exceed 200 MB

  • Each file must be less than 100 MB

  • Files must have at least 20 words of text

  • The maximum paper length is 800 pages

  • Supported file types included: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PostScript, PDF, HTML, .HWP, RTF, OpenOffice(ODT), WordPerfect, and plain text

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