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Requesting paper deletions

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About Paper Deletions

Depending on your institution's account settings, an instructor can choose whether submissions to their assignment enter a repository or not. Submissions that are stored in Turnitin's repository or your institution's private repository are used for comparison against future submissions to highlight any similarities. 

If a submission was added to the repository accidentally, or it needs to be removed for any other reason, instructors are able to send a request to their administrator asking for the permanent deletion of the submission. 

Deleting a submission from the repository will:

  • remove the original submission from the assignment inbox
  • delete the Similarity Report and any grading
  • no longer appear as a match to any future similar submissions

We only support self-serve deletion requests for assignments created using,, or LTI integrations.

Deleted submissions cannot be recovered.

Paper Deletions@2x_694x199.png

This process will not automatically remove a match from a previously generated similarity report. To remove these matches, Instructors will need to regenerate the report after their request has been approved.


Requesting a paper deletion

  1. From the assignment inbox, locate the submission that requires deletion from the repository and select the three-dots menu under the Options header. From the drop-down that appears, select Request permanent deletion.
  2. A modal will appear and provide you with additional information about paper deletions. Read through and select Continue.
  3. Choose a Reason for Deletion from the dropdown at the bottom of the modal. Select the blue Continue button to proceed.
    Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 10.19.12.png

    If the assignment settings were changed to No repository after submission, the settings need to be restored to Standard paper repository in order to complete a paper deletion request. If the settings have always been No repository, you can simply remove the paper from the assignment inbox yourself to remove it permanently.

  4. Review the details of your request to ensure everything is correct. Then, type “DELETE” into the text area at the bottom to confirm your request. Select Confirm to submit your request.
    Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 10.20.52.png
  5. While your request is pending, you will see a trashcan and clock icon in the assignment inbox beside the Submission ID column of the paper you requested the deletion for.


For more information about paper deletions, see our Paper Deletions FAQ article.

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