The paper lookup tool for Feedback Studio

This paper lookup tool is currently only available for Feedback Studio customers using Turnitin integrated with Blackboard.

The paper lookup tool can be used to retrieve reports about previously submitted papers and to download the original paper.

To locate a submission, you will need to know the name of the course that you were an instructor in and the assignment that the submission exists within.

This tool will provide reports and original files for students dropped in the course and those made inactive in a course. However, it will not provide reports for student submissions that the instructor removed from the inbox. In this case, it will only provide the original file.

  1. Launch the tool from within your LMS. For instructions on how to access the tool, see our Accessing the paper lookup tool in Blackboard LTI 1.3 guidance.
  2. A list of courses will appear. You can select the column names to sort the results by Course name, Start date, and End date. Alternatively, you can type the name of the course you are looking for into the search bar and select Search. Select a course name to proceed.
  3. A list of assignments belonging to the selected course will appear. You can select the column names to sort the results by Assignment name, Start date, End date, and Feedback release date. Select an assignment name to proceed.
  4. The matching results will be shown if one or more submissions have been found.

    You can select the column titles to sort the results by Author, Paper title, and Submission date.

    Select the Download icon to download associated reports. The following reports, if they exist, are available to download for each assignment: 
    • Download Similarity Report
    • Download Original File
    • Download Grading Report
    • Download Grading and Similarity Report

If a particular report was not generated for the submission, you will receive an error message after attempting to download the report.

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