Submitting on behalf of students

To submit on behalf of a single student, or multiple students at once:

  1. Access the assignment inbox.
  2. Select the Submit button.
  3. Select one of the upload options from the drop-down:
    1. Single-file upload - upload a document for one student
    2. Multiple file upload - upload multiple documents for multiple students
    3. Cut & paste upload - cut and paste text from a document to upload for one student
    4. Zip file upload - upload one zip file of documents for multiple students
Single file Multiple file Cut & paste Zip file

Single file 

  1. Select Single-file upload from the drop-down.
  2. Select a student from the author drop-down. We will automatically fill in the first and last name for you. 
  3. Add a title for the submission.
  4. Upload the file to Turnitin from either:
    1. your computer.
    2. Dropbox.
    3. Google Drive.
  5. Select Upload
  6. A preview of the file will be provided along with some document details. If the uploaded file is the correct one, select Confirm to complete the submission.
  7. The submission will now appear in the assignment inbox. 
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