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Elements of the assignment inbox 

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  • Submit button - For submitting on behalf of a student
  • Search bar - Search for a specific student, submission, similarity score, or grade. 
  • Filter drop-down - Filter submissions to view:
    • All papers
    • Newly submitted 
    • Submissions with grades that have been viewed by students 
    • Graded submissions
    • Submissions pending permanent deletion 
  • Author - Student first and last name
  • Paper Title - A title the student gave the submission
  • Paper ID - A unique identifier for the submission. Also known as Submission ID.
  • Uploaded - The date of submission. Late submission will appear in red. 
  • Viewed - The green eye icon indicates that a student has opened their submission and viewed their grade and any feedback. 
  • Grade - Any give grades will appear here. If a submission has not been graded, it will show a blue pencil icon. 
  • Similarity - The similarity score. If there is no Similarity Report, dashes will be shown. 
  • Flags - A flag icon will be shown if an integrity flag has been detected within the submission. 
  • Options - A menu with options to:
    • Download the submission 
    • Remove the submission from the inbox 
    • Request a permanent deletion of the submission from the Turnitin repository 
  • Refresh button - Refresh the inbox to pull the latest data.
  • Download - Options to download:
    • Grading 
    • Submission list
    • Original files
    • PDFs of submissions
    • GradeMark PDFs
  • Move to (Turnitin website users only) - Allows the ability to move a submission to another assignment within the same class. 

Extending the due date

Using an LMS? You can extend the due date by editing the LMS date settings. Editing the due date in the Turnitin website will not change the date within your LMS. 

  1. Access the assignment settings either from the assignment list or from within the assignment inbox. 
  2. Select the calendar icon for the due date. Choose the new due date for the assignment. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 11.13.10.png

  3. To change the time, select the clock icon at the bottom of the calendar box. Edit the time. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 11.13.37.png

  4. Don't forget to change the feedback release date to reflect the due date changes if needed. 

Downloading submissions

There are multiple download options for the assignment inbox:

  • Grading 
  • Submission list
  • Original files
  • PDFs of submissions
  • GradeMark PDFs

The default download option is to download zip files for every submission in the inbox. To select a single submission or a group of submissions, use the checkboxes in the submission list. 

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 11.19.37.png



Viewing submission information

The inbox will provide submission details for:

  • Author 
  • Title
  • Paper ID (also known as Submission ID)
  • The date uploaded
  • Whether grading has been viewed
  • Grade
  • Similarity score
  • Flags indicator 

The Similarity Report contains further submission information, including:

  • Number of submissions
  • File size and file details
  • Word count
  • Grading summary

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