What questions do I ask my student if AI is detected?

Prepare to have a collaborative conversation with a student regarding potential AI misuse with this educator guide

Use these conversation jump starters to help you begin your conversation or keep it progressing effectively. Personalize these to best fit each individual situation that you encounter:

  • “When we look at your assignment, we can see [errors, apparent instances of AI misuse, etc.] in these places. Let’s work together to find ways to avoid this/improve it in the future.”
  • “Explain your process for completing this assignment. Let’s look at areas that you are proud of and areas that you think could use some extra improvement.”
  • “Let’s examine your Turnitin AI writing detection report together. Let’s look at the highlighted areas and discuss your choices. Let’s brainstorm how to revise these sections of text in order to make the writing more authentically your own.”
  • “What processes have worked well for you in your other classes? How can we consider implementing similar strategies in this class in order to optimize your work?”
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