What should I do if the AI Writing score is high?

First, refer to your institution’s policy on plagiarism and the use of generative AI in the classroom. 

Next, you’ll need a plan for approaching AI-generated text in your classroom.

Rather than viewing the results of our AI writing detection as a punitive measure, the overarching purpose of the tool is to facilitate student conversations and interventions on the use of AI writing tools that may not otherwise occur, and use it as one strategy in your toolkit.

When the AI writing score is used to inform conversations about student writing in the formative space, then these conversations become part of the process and support that students often need to improve their writing. The score is a good starting point for discussing how to use these tools while still maintaining the integrity of their work. Talking to students about their process and figuring out together how to respond to the challenges presented by writing when generative AI seems easier is important to helping students improve their writing. 

The final decision on whether any misconduct has occurred rests with the reviewer/instructor. Turnitin does not make a determination of misconduct, rather it provides data for the educators to make an informed decision based on their academic and institutional policies.

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