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Match Groups

While viewing the Match Groups tab, you will see the Overall Similarity percentage divided into four categories based on the usage of in-text citation and quotation marks. Viewing instances of similarity grouped by these common characteristics can help you identify issues (as well as non-issues and teachable moments) faster.

Highlight colors and criteria

Each match, or instance of text found similar to a source, is highlighted in its corresponding match group color. The color and criteria for each match group are:

  • Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_6.25.26_PM.pngNot Cited or Quoted: The number of text matches that are not written as a quotation or has no citation to its original source.

  • Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_6.27.04_PM.pngMissing Quotations: This text is cited, but the match is so exact that it may also require quotation marks.

  • Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_6.27.22_PM.pngMissing Citation: This text is written as a quote, but lacks a citation to its original source.

  • Screen_Shot_2023-04-19_at_6.27.36_PM.pngCited and Quoted: This text contains a quotation and is cited to a source. You may want to review them for your preferred formatting.

Source number

Each highlight in the document has a source number appended to it, which is indicated in the top row of its corresponding source card. Selecting a highlight in the document will bring its corresponding source card into focus in the right-side panel.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 3.29.04 PM.png

Selecting a match group

To review matches of a particular group, select one of the four match groups to bring matches with that criteria into focus in the right-side panel.

Viewing match details with source cards

Source cards contain details about the highlighted match and its source material. Upon loading, all source cards display with three rows of information.

source card row 3.png

The bottom row indicates the number of matching text blocks to that source and match group, as well as a total word count for all matches with the same criteria.

source card row 2.png

The second row contains the name of the top matching source and the percentage matched with the document. 

source card row 1.png

The top row indicates the top matching source ranking number (the source number also appears next to the corresponding highlighted match in the document), the database type, and the match group criteria. The caret in the top-right corner indicates whether the card is collapsed or expanded.

To view more details and actions, expand the source card by selecting either:

  • A highlighted match in the document
  • A source card in the right-side panel


When there are more than one match to a single source within a match group, you can skip to each one in the document using the < and > arrows inside the source card.

Viewing full source text

To see the entire text from a matched source, select the View Full Source Text link under the text snippet in the source card. This will open the full source text in the right-side panel and allow you to scroll through the source text. Select the Done button in the bottom right corner to return to the source card list.


Select the Sources tab for a list of sources with the highest percentage of text matched for each highlight in a submission (you may know this as the Top Sources mode). The highlights in the submission will change to five rotating colors.

Viewing other sources matched to the same text

It is possible that similar text can be found within multiple sources. When text is similar to more than one source, whichever source has the most matched words will display first.

When multiple sources are found matching the same exact words, the report will prioritize sources as best match, or top source, in this order:

  1. Internet
  2. Publications
  3. Submitted Works (student papers)

To reveal overlapping sources matched to the same text, choose the submission highlight or source card with the match in question, then select View other sources at the bottom of the card in the right-side panel:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 3.57.40 PM.png

To display individual cards for every source matched (including sources matched to the same text), select the Show overlapping sources option. Selecting a source card will highlight the matching text in the submission:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 4.05.03 PM.png

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