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Editing your user profile, account settings, and account language

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A user profile contains personal information and user preferences. The user information area is separated into two sections: user information and account settings.

To access this area:

  1. Log in to (or if you are in the UK).
  2. Select the User Info link at the top right of the page.

User information

Your User Information panel is listed on the left side of the screen.

The fields below are required fields. All other fields are optional:

  • Username (email address)
  • Password
  • Secret question
  • Question answer
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Display names as (This field determines how names are displayed throughout your courses.)

Account settings

Your Account settings panel is listed on the right side of the screen.


These options include:

  • Default user type – determines the type of user you log in as (administrator, instructor, or student); if you would like to change user types, you can do so by selecting an option from the dropdown.
  • Default submission type – select a default submission type: single file upload, multiple file upload, cut and paste upload or zip file upload;
  • Items per page – sets the number of items you would like displayed per page;
  • File download format - select the default format for downloading files: let me choose, original format and PDF format;
  • Show page info – toggles the info messages at the top of each page on and off;
  • Send me email updates – choose yes to receive e-mail updates from Turnitin;
  • Use class homepage link – choose yes to create a homepage link; To set up a link, enter a link name and URL below.

Account language

Use the language drop down in top menu to change which language you want to view the Turnitin interface in. This will only impact your personal instance of Turnitin.

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