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Using Handwritten Assignments in D2L LTI 1.3

To learn more about the Handwritten Assignment type, check out our Assignment Types article.


Handwritten Assignments are only available for LTI 1.3 integrations. If your institution isn’t currently using an LTI 1.3 integration, you’ll need to either update or set up an LTI 1.3 integration for your LMS environment. 

For more LMS guidance, check out our Turnitin in an LMS content for your specific LMS. 

Enabling Handwritten Assignments 

Contact your Turnitin sales representative to ask if Paper to Digital is enabled for your institution. Handwritten Assignments are an assignment type included in Paper to Digital. 

  • Once Paper to Digital is made available to your institution, the Handwritten Assignment type is enabled by default. In your account settings, you will see the Handwritten Assignments option checked in the Allow these features section.
  • If you do not see Paper to Digital as an option for your account, contact your Turnitin sales representative for assistance.

Disabling Handwritten Assignments

If you don’t want the Handwritten Assignment type enabled for your institution, talk to your Turntin Administrator and have them disable it.

How do my instructors create and manage Handwritten Assignments?

Once Paper to Digital is enabled for your institution's account, the Handwritten Assignment type will be listed as an option on the Turnitin Assignment Creation page for Instructors. Handwritten Assignments launch in the Paper to Digital app. 

Creating, grading, and publishing grades is all done in the Paper to Digital app. Grade Passback is available between Paper to Digital and your LMS. Administrators can direct instructors to our Handwritten Assignments guidance which includes Creating a Handwritten Assignment and Grading a Handwritten assignment. For student guidance, check out our Reviewing your Handwritten Assignment.

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